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Running low on film? No Problem! Need a more cost-effective solution for your custom film widths? No Problem!

Save money with Film Source’s slitter! For widths 12″ and under,  you could save 30% vs other manufacturers. We can supply our shrink film in short rolls (<500’) as well as long rolls. By combining our slitting and rewinding capabilities, we are able to breakdown large rolls into many small or narrower rolls. We are able to cut, slit, and rewind both customer supplied film as well as our own shrink wrap.

Shrink Film – Slitter Converter / Slitter Rewinder:

Film Source understands the importance of punctuality when it comes to film supplies, and it is equally important that we have the capability to provide solutions in times of need. We look forward to providing the quickest, most reliable slitter service in North America.

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