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55 Nano Layers

Stretch up to 350%

Tear and Puncture Resistant

100% Recyclable Material


High-Performance Pallet Stretch Wrap Film Rolls

Secure your shipments with Film Source's Stellar Stretch Wrap. Our stretch film, made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), provides exceptional durability and tear resistance, ensuring your products remain safe during transit. With stretch capabilities up to 350%, reduce your plastic usage by up to 30% while maintaining optimal load containment. Available in various widths and mil thicknesses, our stretch wrap meets all commercial packaging needs. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to find the perfect stretch wrap solution for your business.

Rollos de envoltura elástica

Encuadernación Pallet StreRollos de película de envoltura tch

La película estirable generalmente está hecha de polietileno lineal de baja densidad (LLDPE) y es popular para asegurar paletas de contenedores individuales. Los fabricantes y distribuidores de productos utilizan film extensible, también llamado envoltura de paletas, para unir las cajas de envío a las paletas que van a un almacén/centro de distribución. También se utiliza para envolver palets enviados a puntos de venta y clientes. La película estirable ofrece resistencia a pinchazos y rasgaduras. Ofrecemos una gama completa de envolturas estirables en muchos anchos y grosores de milésimas de pulgada para satisfacer una amplia gama de necesidades de empaque comercial.

Sustainable Stretch Wrap Solution

100% Recyclable 30% Reduction in Plastic

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At Film Source, we are committed to sustainability. Our Stellar Stretch Wrap is made from 100% recyclable linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), ensuring an eco-friendly packaging solution. By incorporating stretch capabilities up to 350%, you can significantly reduce plastic usage, decreasing your environmental footprint. This innovative design not only offers superior protection and efficiency but also supports your sustainability goals. Choose Stellar Stretch Wrap to contribute to a greener planet while maintaining high performance in your packaging operations

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