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FilmSource Packaging: Your Guide to Shrink Wrap Solutions

At FilmSource Packaging, we understand the importance of finding the right shrink wrap for your packaging needs. Whether you're looking for film gauge recommendations or information on different types of shrink wrap, we've got you covered. Our goal is to provide you with helpful hints and essential details to make informed decisions for your packaging requirements.

Which Gauge Should I Use?

Determining the appropriate gauge is crucial to ensure optimal performance and protection for your products. Gauge refers to the thickness of the film, with lower numbers representing thinner films and higher numbers indicating thicker films. Here are some recommendations based on product weight:

Light Product Weight: 55 Gauge Heavy Product Weight: 100 Gauge Extra Heavy Product Weight: 200 Gauge

Thinner gauges, such as 55 gauge, are ideal for easily shrinkable items and provide the advantage of more packages wrapped per roll. On the other hand, thicker gauges, like 200 gauge, offer enhanced strength and protection, making them suitable for heavy products or items with sharp edges. Additionally, thicker gauges can give your packaging a more premium feel.

Which Shrink Wrap Should I Use?

Different types of shrink wrap offer varying features and benefits. Here's an overview of the key characteristics of our shrink film options:

  1. PVC Shrink Film:

    • Clarity: Excellent

    • Texture: Crinkly

    • Suitable for direct food contact: No

    • Shrink Temperature: 250°F

PVC shrink film is known for its ease of use due to its low shrinkage and low sealing temperature. It provides excellent clarity, making it suitable for various applications such as books, games, and office supplies.

  1. Economy Polyolefin Shrink Film:

    • Clarity: Good

    • Texture: Soft, Flexible

    • Suitable for direct food contact: Yes

    • Shrink Temperature: 300°F


Economy polyolefin shrink film offers a great value proposition. It is FDA compliant for direct food contact, puncture resistant, and provides a good balance between clarity and flexibility. It is commonly used for packaging toys, gift baskets, stationery, and similar items.

  1. Deluxe Polyolefin Shrink Film:

    • Clarity: Good

    • Texture: Soft, Flexible

    • Suitable for direct food contact: Yes

    • Shrink Temperature: 300°F

Deluxe polyolefin shrink film is the top choice for irregularly shaped items. It has the ability to shrink in all directions, ensuring a tight and professional presentation. With excellent clarity and flexibility, this shrink film is often used for packaging candles, soaps, medicine bottles, and more.

  1. Polyethylene Bundling Shrink Film:

    • Clarity: Fair

    • Texture: Soft, Flexible

    • Suitable for direct food contact: No

    • Shrink Temperature: 265°F


Polyethylene bundling shrink film is specifically designed for bulk packing heavier goods, such as cleaning supplies or water bottle packs. With its higher gauge of 200, it offers exceptional strength and durability. This type of shrink film is commonly used with automated packaging equipment that includes integrated heat tunnels.

Helpful Hints for Shrink Film:
  • All shrink film is centerfolded, meaning it comes folded in half lengthways on rolls.

  • To determine the film width you need for flat items, add the width and height, then add 2" for shrinkage. Round up to the next whole number.

  • For round items, multiply the diameter by 3.14, then multiply by 1.1 to account for shrinkage. Divide the result by 2 and round up to the next whole number.

  • Centerfold film must be sealed on

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