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Eco-Friendly Shrink Film Options

At Filmsource we aim to be champions of sustainability, offering a diverse range of eco-conscious options. From 100% recycled film to biodegradable shrink film, we're committed to paving the way for eco-friendly packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed environmental standards. Learn more

100% Recycled Film

  • 0% of virgin material

  • Up to 70% carbon footprint savings

  •  Transparent substrate

  •  Possible to print in high-definition


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Offered for the first time in North America, Filmsource proudly introduces Renew R100—the future of eco-friendly packaging . Ideal for your polyethylene bullseye packs. Uncompromised quality, crystal-clear transparency, and high-definition printability redefine your packaging experience. What sets Renew R100 apart? Up to 70% less carbon impact with 0% virgin materials, thanks to a closed-loop system. The film is collected, sorted, processed, reproduced, and recycled, creating a sustainable cycle


Join the sustainable packaging revolution today and make a positive impact on the planet.


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Your Premier Source For Plant-Based Film

Reduce | Reuse | Renew

Minimize your packing materials, shipping weight, carbon footprint, and fossil fuel consumption. Eco-Shrink is made from sugarcane, which is harvested using renewable energy and recycled in the same stream as #4 recyclables.



Unlike standard polyethylene, our sugarcane resin is extracted from a 100% renewable source. After sugarcane juice has been expelled, you are left with pulp, a waste product usually burned off. Instead, we can ferment and distill this pulp into ethanol; in an ethanol form, we can then dehydrate it to create ethylene to be processed into bio-polyethylene. The sugarcane bagasse is then burned to generate electricity for the manufacturing plant. Learn about our eco-consultations. 

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Interested in saving money, reducing waste, and sustainable alternatives? Schedule a consultation today!

Analyze Current Inventory and Cost

Do you really know how much film you are currently utilizing and your cost per pack? Our methods help you track your spending down to the cent! After finding out your cost, we can uncover ways to save going forward.

Reduce Waste

Are you keeping track of problematic rolls and experiencing downtime on your lines? Waste comes in many forms, we help eliminate any material waste and time lost in production.

Sustainability Initiatives

Is your company forced to use less plastic or no plastic at all? Keep your machines and lines intact, our sustainable products are drop in solutions!

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