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Printed Shrink Film

Maximize your brand's visibility and make a lasting impact on the shelves with Film Source's premium printed shrink film solutions. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond aesthetics, providing you with top-tier materials that ensure flawless performance on your equipment


Seamless Integration with Your Equipment:
Our materials seamlessly run on your equipment, ensuring flawless performance. No hiccups, just perfection.

Versatility for Every Project:

Film Source handles projects of all complexities, from simple one-color prints to intricate 10-color process jobs. Our high-quality printed shrink film comes in various widths and substrates, offering a vibrant canvas for your branded artwork.

Designs that Capture Attention:

Our designers excel at creating eye-catching, full-color printed shrink film. Whether you are in need of print-registered shrink film or random printed shrink film, we take your packaging to the next level while considering the shrinking process.

Unmatched Quality for Unbeatable Results:

Count on Film Source for the highest quality film that provides unbeatable strength, clarity, and color accuracy. 

Design Excellence at Your Fingertips:
Our team of designers excels in creating eye-catching, full-color printed shrink film. Whether it's print-registered or random designs, we bring your vision to life.


Grayscale Testing
Worried about the final look? We've got you covered. Try our grayscale rolls for initial designs, ensuring your graphics are perfect before placing a full order.

Ready to enhance your brand's presence? Contact FilmSource team of experts to get started today!

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