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Biden's New Order and the Path to a Sustainable Future

In the face of growing environmental challenges, sustainability has become a critical concern across all industries. Among them, the packaging industry's heavy reliance on plastic derived from fossil fuels has significant environmental implications.

President Biden's Executive Order on Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing

President Biden's Executive Order 14081, signed on September 12, 2022, is a landmark initiative aimed at advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing for a sustainable American bioeconomy. A key goal of the executive order is to displace 90% of petroleum-based plastics with recyclable-by-design bio-based polymers over the next two decades. This shift towards recyclable materials in packaging is not only vital for the environment but also essential for achieving global climate goals.

"Executive Order 14081 from President Joe Biden calls for displacing 90% of today’s petroleum-based plastics with recyclable-by-design bio-based polymers over the next 20 years."

EPR Laws for Packaging and FilmSource Packaging's Approach

As part of the broader effort to promote sustainability, several U.S. states have implemented Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws for packaging. Maine and Oregon enacted laws in 2021, followed by Colorado and California in 2022. These laws require packaging producers, typically brand owners, to pay into systems that support recycling and waste management initiatives.

Over the next three to four years, these states will begin enforcing the EPR laws, holding packaging producers accountable for their environmental impact.

The Sustainable Solution: Recycled Film

Filmsource Packaging's Recycled Film is a game-changer in packaging. Made entirely from recycled materials with no virgin content, this film reduces the demand for new resources and combats the plastic waste crisis. The production process itself boasts impressive carbon footprint savings of up to 70%, helping to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco Consulting for Optimal Sustainability

Filmsource Packaging goes beyond product offerings with their Eco Consulting service. This valuable service provides businesses with insights and guidance on optimizing their packaging processes for greater sustainability. By analyzing inventory and film usage costs, companies can identify areas for improvement, save resources, and reduce waste. The consulting service also minimizes downtime during production.

Paper Ecommerce Machine

FilmSource's paper e-commerce machine stands out as an eco-friendly packaging solution by replacing plastic with paper. By utilizing both uncoated and coated recyclable papers, the machine produces precisely fitting paper bags with two sewn sides and a top overlap, reducing the need for plastic materials. This sustainable choice minimizes paper waste while catering to the demands of e-commerce, mail order, and logistics industries, providing a greener alternative for packaging needs.


Filmsource Packaging's Recycled Film presents a compelling and sustainable packaging solution that aligns with the pressing need to reduce plastic waste and embrace eco-friendly materials. Choosing Recycled Film empowers businesses to contribute to a circular economy, reduce their carbon footprint, and make a positive impact on the planet. With their Eco Consulting service, Filmsource Packaging provides the tools to optimize packaging processes for greater sustainability. Embrace the sustainable packaging revolution today, and together, with Filmsource Packaging, we can build a greener future for our planet.

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