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What is FilmSource?

FilmSource is a company that specializes in selling shrink wrap for packaging machines. We offer two different types of films, Polyethylene and Polyolefin, catering to various market segments.


What is the difference between Polyethylene and Polyolefin films?

Polyethylene is not only more affordable but also boasts greater durability, making it an excellent option for shipping and heavy products like cans. Conversely, Polyolefin films are thinner and offer higher clarity, making them well-suited for retail packaging. Additionally, Polyolefin is commonly used in total closure packs, while Polyethylene is typically utilized in open packs.


Can you explain the concept of shrink levels?

Shrink levels refer to the percentage of shrinkage a film undergoes when heat is applied. Higher shrink levels indicate greater contraction of the film around the product being wrapped.


What is the slip level for FilmSource projects?

FilmSource employs a medium level slip of 0.30 (30%) on all projects. Slip refers to the film's ability to slide smoothly over surfaces during the packaging process.


How can I determine which film type to use?

The choice between Polyethylene and Polyolefin films depends on your specific packaging requirements. Polyethylene offers higher shrinkage in the machine direction and moderate shrinkage in the trans direction, making it suitable for certain applications. Polyolefin, with its even shrinkage in both directions, may be preferred for different packaging needs. Consider the characteristics of your products and consult with our experts to make an informed decision.


Are FilmSource shrink films compatible with all packaging machines?

 Yes, our shrink films are designed to be compatible with most packaging machines. However, it is essential to ensure that your specific machine is suitable for use with the chosen film type. Please consult your packaging machine's manufacturer or our customer support team for compatibility verification.


Do you offer customization options for shrink wrap?

Yes, FilmSource provides customization options for shrink wrap, including varying film thicknesses, widths, and lengths. We understand that different products require specific packaging needs, and our team can assist you in finding the right solution.


How can I place an order for FilmSource shrink wrap?

To place an order, please visit our store or contact our sales team directly. Our website provides a user-friendly interface to browse our products and submit an order. If you require further assistance or have specific customization requirements, our sales representatives will be glad to assist you.


Are there any bulk ordering discounts available?

Yes, FilmSource offers bulk ordering discounts for customers who require larger quantities of shrink wrap. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your specific requirements, and they will provide you with the necessary information and pricing options

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