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New Product! Stellar Stretch: High-Performance Stretch Film

Stretch film info graphic

Stellar Stretch is designed with your needs in mind, offering high-performance solutions for all your packaging challenges. Whether you operate high-speed or low-speed equipment, our film’s advanced 55 nano-layer construction (machine film) and 7-layer hand film ensure exceptional durability and optimal load containment. Experience the convenience of pre-stretch capabilities up to 350%, reducing your plastic usage by up to 30%. Engineered to withstand tears and punctures, our 100% recyclable stretch film provides reliable protection and efficiency, helping you achieve sustainability goals without compromising performance. Trust Stellar Stretch Film to deliver the strength and reliability your business demands.

Key Features:

  • 55 Nano Layer Construction Machine Film

  • 7-layer Construction Hand Film

  • Pre-Stretch up to 350%

  • Optimal Load Containment

  • Tear and Puncture Resistant

  • Up to 30% Reduction in Plastic

  • One Side Cling

  • Cast Extrusion

  • 100% Recyclable Material

Complementary stretch film consultations are available via virtual or in person. A Film Source Specialist will be able to provide you with the proper gauge film to optimize pallet containment. Contact us today!


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