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100% Recycled Film

  • 0% of virgin material

  • Up to 70% carbon footprint savings

  •  Transparent substrate

  •  Possible to print in high-definition


water bottle no words.jpg

Offered for the first time in North America, Filmsource proudly introduces Renew R100—the future of eco-friendly packaging . Ideal for your polyethylene bullseye packs. Uncompromised quality, crystal-clear transparency, and high-definition printability redefine your packaging experience. What sets Renew R100 apart? Up to 70% less carbon impact with 0% virgin materials, thanks to a closed-loop system. The film is collected, sorted, processed, reproduced, and recycled, creating a sustainable cycle


Join the sustainable packaging revolution today and make a positive impact on the planet.


Contact us now for eco-friendly solutions!

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