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Industrial Shrink Film Solutions

Our Industrial Shrink Film Solutions stand as the ultimate shield, offering unparalleled protection for your products during transit. With its robust design, wide film width, and thick gauges tailored for heavy and large items, our industrial shrink film ensures that your goods reach their destination in flawless condition, guarded against potential damage.


Heavy Duty Film for Distrubution

Experience the confidence of working with wider widths and heavy gauges, designed to withstand the rigors of distribution. Whether it's for securing large pallets, safeguarding industrial goods, or protecting bulk shipments, our Heavy-Duty Film ensures your products are well-protected throughout their journey.


No more frustration with products sticking to packaging materials - our FOF's anti-stick coating prevents shrink film from adhering to existing plastic packaging. Enjoy effortless handling and distribution, as this innovative barrier ensures smoother storage and transportation. 


Slitter Service
for Narrow Rolls

At Filmsource, we've got all the right tools to cut, slit, and rewind your film. You'll be grinning from ear to ear because we save you up to a whopping 30% compared to those other guys!  Oh, and the cherry on top? Your order ships out within 24 hours! 


Interested in saving money, reducing waste, and sustainable alternatives? Schedule a consultation today!


Shrink Bundling

Polypack's equipment handles diverse items, including boxes, buckets/pails, jugs, tray-supported and pad-supported products, large paper rolls, insulation, firewood, paint cans, tiles, and more. Stay ahead in the competitive industrial market with Polypack's expertise.


Whether you're bundling and shipping large paper rolls, insulating materials, or even firewood, our shrink film guarantees the utmost security, keeping everything securely intact throughout the entire journey. Additionally, we offer Film-Over-Film (FOF) with a special anti-stick coating, preventing it from adhering to existing plastic surfaces, further enhancing the protection of your valuable products. Trust in our shrink film to safeguard your shipments and provide peace of mind for every delivery.


Our wide-ranging industrial shrink film covers rolled products/textiles, rectangular and square items, long products, boxes, buckets/pails, jugs, tray-supported products, pad-supported products, large paper rolls, insulation, firewood, paint cans, tiles, and more.




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