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Shrink Film for Personal Care & Consumer Goods

From everyday essentials to must-have goodies, we've got you covered with precision-engineered packaging solutions that enhance freshness and visual appeal. It's time to take your consumer goods to new heights of packaging excellence with Filmsource Packaging by your side!

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Shrink Film for Retail

We take immense pride in delivering shrink films that excel in clarity, strength, and overall quality. Whether you're after Polyethylene (LDPE) or Polyolefin(POF) shrink film for retail, rest assured that our selection is curated to meet your packaging needs.

Printed Film

Whether you need print-registered shrink film or random printed designs, we've got you covered with your unique artwork taking center stage. Rest assured, our material runs like a dream on your equipment, delivering flawless performance. From simple one-color to intricate 10-color process jobs, we've got the expertise to handle any project request

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Slitter Service
for Narrow Rolls

At Filmsource, we've got all the right tools to cut, slit, and rewind your film. You'll be grinning from ear to ear because we save you up to a whopping 30% compared to those other guys!  Oh, and the cherry on top? Your order ships out within 24 hours! 

Custom Shrink Sleeves

Get ready to take your product packaging to the next level with our premium PETG and PVC shrink sleeves. With a complete 360-degree surface area coverage, our shrink sleeves create a stunning visual impact! Choose Film Source for unmatched quality and results.


100% Recycled Film

Our film is 100% recycled, and it's got it all – crystal-clear clarity, tough-as-nails durability, Join the green team today and be part of the packaging revolution that's giving the planet a big bear hug!


Shrink Bundling

From makeup boxes, small bottles, and tubes to aerosols, glass jars, and more, Polypack machines handle it all. Versatile and efficient, Polypack ensures the best packaging solutions for distribution and retail needs. Elevate your product presentation with our compact and powerful machines tailored for personal care and cosmetics.


With a wide range of shrink films, including sleeve wrap, total closure wraps, clear films, and printed films, we offer the perfect solution for any requirement.

Our comprehensive selection caters to diverse applications and styles of wraps, whether it's for distribution purposes or creating eye-catching retail packaging with high shelf-appeal. Trust us to deliver shrink film supplies that meet the highest standards of quality, providing reliability and durability.

From aerosols, cartons, glass and plastic bottles, 5th panel cartons, boxes, glass and plastic jars, to odd-shaped jars and bottles, tray-supported products, pad-supported products, and tobacco cans our shrink film is designed to accommodate various consumer products.

Count on FilmSource Packaging to be your premier destination for high-quality shrink film supplies that enhance your consumer goods packaging with professionalism and visual appeal.




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