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How is Recycled Shrink Film Made?

Recycling plastic bottles is a given, but often overlooked is polyethylene film, which makes up 30% of the plastics market! After a decade in development, Filmsource introduces Renew R100—the future of eco-friendly packaging. Renew film allows us to recycle 3,000 tons a year of printed waste and upcycle them, saving 6 thousand tons of carbon dioxide annually.

To make recycled shrink film:

  1. Film waste is collected

  2. Shredded

  3. Printed ink is removed through a combination of mechanical and chemical processes.

  4. The subsequent rinsing and drying step results in a new flake of transparent plastic film.

  5. Pelletization and extrusion follow, creating a recycled plastic film with uncompromised quality, crystal-clear transparency, and high-definition printability.

Join us in reshaping the future—one recycled package at a time—with Filmsource Packaging! Let's work together to make a difference for our planet.

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