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Three Tips for Festive Holiday Packaging

As the festive season jingles its way into our hearts, businesses are gearing up for a sleigh ride of sales, with packaging playing a crucial role in this merry affair. Let's unwrap three tips to sprinkle some extra cheer and make your brand stand out amidst the holiday hustle and tinsel.

1. Add Seasonal Sparkle to Your Holiday Packaging

Holiday branding is all about bringing out the seasonal glitz and glamour. Think of Starbucks turning their iconic red cups into an annual cultural sleigh-ation. Take a cue from this and infuse a bit of the Christmas magic into your packaging design.

Symmetry Coffee Co. in Florida has taken this advice to heart, tweaking their logos with a Christmas twist while keeping the core brand elements intact. It's like adding a sprig of mistletoe to your brand – an instant kiss of holiday charm for your customers.

2. Embrace Limited Edition Magic – 'Tis the Season to Be Exclusive!

Limited editions during the holidays are like the rarest ornaments on the Christmas tree – everyone wants to have them. Create unique, limited-edition products wrapped in packaging that sparkles brighter than Rudolph's nose. The trend of advent calendars is a delightful example, offering daily moments of joy and surprise.

Whether it's a baking advent calendar from Williams Sonoma or a jewelry calendar from Local Eclectic, it's like unwrapping a present every day. By integrating your brand into this holiday countdown, you're not just selling a product; you're gifting an experience.

3. Take Creative Leaps with Trends – Jingle All the Way!

The holiday season is a creative wonderland where you can experiment with design trends that sleigh – sorry, say – 'sleigh' with your audience. Sephora's dive into the Gen Z checkerboard aesthetic is a bold move, akin to decking your halls with trendy ornaments.

While you should keep the core identity of your brand like a North Star, holiday packaging allows you to have a festive fling with trends. It's like putting a Santa hat on your logo – just for a while, but it brings smiles all around.

Crafting Holiday Magic with Filmsource

Seamlessly integrated into the world of festive packaging is Filmsource, offering premium printed shrink film solutions that ensure flawless performance on your shrink bundling machines. Their wide range of capabilities allows for the creation of high-quality printed roll stock in various widths and substrates, making your products shine amidst the holiday chaos.

With flexographic printing on polyolefin, polyethylene, bags, pouches, PVC Sleeves, and PVC Printed Films, Filmsource becomes an invaluable partner in bringing your holiday packaging visions to life. Ready to enhance your brand's presence this holiday season? Contact the Filmsource team of experts to get started today!

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