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Laminate and Polyethylene Bags and Pouches 

Our bags and pouches are made with high quality laminated layers, which allows for a high puncture resistance, and effective moisture and oxygen vapor transmission rates.


When it comes to bags and pouches, Film Source is on the leading edge of flexible packaging, giving you the opportunity to increase your sales with eye-catching printed graphics and effective branding,  Save up to 60% with eye-catching printed graphics over traditional packaging.

Pouches and bags come in various options including stand-up, lay-flat, spouted, 2-side seal, and 3-side seal. Closure options can include spouts, zipper sliders, and reseal or press to close zippers. Additional features can include gusseted bottoms and sides, flat bottom seals, tear notches, clear windows, venting, and wicketing. Film Source can help you determine which bag or pouch is best for your product.


  • Showcase the quality of the actual product through a window in the package

  • Capture the mouthwatering flavor of your product with brilliant artwork

  • Appeals to consumer aesthetics with attention-grabbing graphics in up to 10 colors, including state of the art extended gamut print presses

  • Give consumer the convenience of a resealable zipper

  • Ideal for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) applications

Innovative box and pouch features can be incorporated in the packaging:

  • Tear notches

  • Laser-scoring (provides easy and smooth tearing of tamper-evident seals)

  • Die-cut handles

  • ​Peg holes

  • Rounded corners

Convenient closure options:

  • Press-to-close (PTC) zippers

  • Slider zippers

  • Hooded sliders

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