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Flexographic Printing for Shrink Wrap Film

We provide flexographic printing on polyolefin, polyethylene, bags, pouches, PVC Sleeves & PVC Printed Films.

Flexographic printing shrink wrap is an alternative to corrugate and paperboard, which provides cost savings and branding opportunities. Printed shrink packaging can be extruded to various widths and gauges, and then printed with your branded artwork.

Our on-staff designers and graphics professionals know how to produce full-color printed shrink film that captures the consumer’s attention while taking the shrinking process into account. Whether you are in need of print-registered shrink film or random printed shrink film, we can design artwork that takes your package to the next level.

The material will also run flawlessly on your equipment. Film Source handles any project request from a simple one-color to highly complex 10-color process jobs. Our wide range of capabilities lends us the ability to produce quality printed roll stock in various widths and substrates. We even offer grayscale rolls for first designs, so you can test your graphics before committing to a full order of shrink film.

grayscale test printed film
Grayscale Test for Flexographic Printing:

Film Source will print your artwork in grayscale to verify various characteristics and ensure your film looks and performs its best once packaged. Grayscale testing also gives you the flexibility to see exactly where your artwork will be placed and if there are any distortions that may occur. This enables you to make any adjustments necessary prior to full production.
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